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Caring for Horses

Caring for a horse is a rewarding job, but it does require a lot of patience and effort. In addition, riders need to ensure the health and safety of their animal at all times, and top-quality accessories can help in keeping a horse both healthy and happy.

Playtime for a Horse

Surprisingly, horses do get bored and enjoy periods of playtime to break up the monotony of being cooped up in a stable. One accessory that is particularly popular is a Jolly Ball. This toy is specifically designed for horses to chase and kick around. Horses also get lonely if kept on their own, and a mirror in the stable will relieve stress. Of course, it needs to be shatter-proof for safety reasons. The mirror will convince a horse that they have a companion with them.

Providing Comfort for a Horse

Typically, straw is used for bedding in the stable, but one accessory that can make a horse's life more comfortable is rubber matting. It gives a better grip, so there is no danger of slipping on wet straw, and it also helps to cushion a horse's fragile joints. Another accessory that horses will enjoy is a scratch patch. This can be attached to a secure post, such as a door frame, to allow the horse to relieve any annoying itches.

Always buy the best quality accessories, as it works out cheaper in the long run and can ensure that the horse suffers no discomfort or injury from inferior products.